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Maria inspires human potential by sharing the keys to inner growth and following your heart through the Inspiring Human Potential - Inner Growth content. Maria brings together human, spiritual and spirituality elements to support humanity's infinite higher human consciousness potential experience.

Maria Florio Inspiring Human Potential

All of the inspiring human potential inner growth content that you learn about and that Maria discusses have a foundation in lifelong accumulated research and education (that continues) in the fields of humanities and social sciences, philosophy with a focus on existentialism, and trauma and somatics educational informed courses.

This wealth of information supports your inner growth, self-empowerment, conscious living, ascension/awakening and personal development journey in a way that allows you to understand the distinct human characteristics involved in your day-to-day and overall life, alongside the choices you make, how you feel, and deal with events such as the unknown and unwanted.  

Everything IHP related is always in an effort to support your and humanity's infinite higher human consciousness potential experiences and journey.

A simplified break-down to give you an idea

And for the IHP community to keep in mind as you pursue inner growth and self-empowerment, is what’s involved in the human’s response to day-to-day events and life happening.

  • The body’s (nervous system’s defense mechanism, fight/flight) response.
  • The heart’s (feelings, emotions, ego/self) response.
  • The mind’s (conscious, subconscious, unconscious) response, alongside established neuropathways, the societal culture and knowledge filters, identity, and the secondary and primary consciousness aspects.

This and more are what are involved with the inspiring human potential and IHP inner growth content’s foundation.

Through all of the IHP content (from podcast episodes and audio content, to videos and vlogs, to articles and blogs, to online courses and events, to teleseminars and seminars, to IHP-IG mindset focused content or the thought of the day and word of the day content, to books and all the additional inspiring human potential and inner growth content to come) you learn to apply an inner growth journey, mindset and lifestyle approach, follow your heart and lead with it, and tap into your infinite higher human potential (a human response that leads you to inner flow and harmony even when things are tough or scary – unknown or uncertain).


  • Self-empowerment  
  • Transformational leadership
  • Perform, be at your best, mind and heart in all that you do
  • Overcome struggles (such as dealing with the unknown)
  • Find inner harmony
  • Have the quality of life you desire
  • Succeed in life in your unique way
  • Find and lead with your life purpose

We learned from one of our IHP Inner Growth Inspirational "Be Yourself" Stories

How you find strength and trust in yourself when you are able to be self-empowered in a way that allows you to be you; particularly in situations that are challenging.  Like for Fabiana, when the team she managed turned against her, creating an unproductive work environment. Thanks to her having respect towards herself and others, alongside leading life with her purpose in the forefront; she turned things around and resolved the issue.  Not only did she continue to succeed as a team manager in that store (for many years to come), but she also continues to do the same in the new store where she is a team manager. Her leadership skills carry on in her life as a mother of two young boys, a wife, a friend, as someone who is whole and pursues struggles in a way that allows her to continuously grow from within, to find her unique harmony, and always have in the forefront appreciation and gratitude for life, for being alive, with the desire to share smiles and love all around.

Fabiana / Store Manager & Mother

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