Inspiring Human Potential – Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 44 – The Endless Search For Truth

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Inspiring Human Potential – Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 44 – ​​​The Endless Search For Truth

​​​​Exploring the endless search for truth; how there are many different truths for each person and why it’s important to uncover the depths of yours; what difference there is between using your time to prove your truth versus exploring it through an inner growth journey and mindset; what you can find out as you search your inner truths from the heart and stand by them from within, heart and mind; why it is through collaboration and unconditional love that truths can be brought to light in a way that shares with others and adds to life, instead of imposes on others or life; how the unknown components of life are always a part of the truths every person seeks and finds; and why one finds their inner guidance system (heart and mind) as their light and clam throughout this endless search of truth; as a human who thinks, feels, grows, expands, and reaches the infinite human potential that comes from deep within every person as they raise their consciousness and shift their focus to the inner world and the connection to the truths at hand (in any given moment).

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​Inner Growth Mindset Topic​ of Day

​​​​​​Truth is one of those topics that every person contemplates, even if only from time to time.  Sometimes it comes about for reasons presented in one’s life; other times from conversations, or even discussions, on what is truth or what truth is truer than another truth; or it is in the search for truth on a situation taking place with another person or other people; and sometimes just because you’re curious about it.  Every person has at least one truth they search for when it comes to life’s truths, what to stand by or what to learn about, and what is really always going to be the same or if it is the same everywhere (all cultures, all people).  There are sets of truths for individuals, groups of people, societies, and the search is endless because there is no one truth that is necessarily the same for every single person on the planet.  The differences that exist are what bring about endless searches for truth, which is why going within (to your heart and mind, the essence of you, the all of you at the core) is the most ideal place to find your heart-centered truth, while accepting that there are other truths for other people, and using the differing truths to expand your inner truths in your unique way, share them with love and understanding of the infinite number of truths out there, and contribute together to this endless human search for truth (especially when it comes to life).


​Inner Growth Mindset Exploration​ of the Day

​​​In pursuing inner growth you get to find out about the emotions connected to the truths you contemplate or discuss, the identity you connect to them as well, and the expanded options you have (from mind and heart) to finding another version of seeing the truth at hand, one that harmonizes with your inner world, while co-existing in and gaining further understanding of the outer world and its differences.  Truths are just as much essence as life is, especially when you acknowledge how truths in time that stood as sole truths evolve and actually change, some are even proven to be erroneous eventually.  This leaves the human consciousness with facing the component of unknown in truths, which is also part of the truths you search for that don’t ever seem to end.  As you gain your heart-mind (inner) centeredness on every truth you explore, your inner growth mindset gets you to see the human elements linked to the truths that will get you to go beyond in thought process (conceptualization) and feelings (to essence of you, heart-mind connection) as you make peace with contrasting opinions and findings on something that is a truth at first, but then shows that it has more than one aspect to it.  The endless search for truth can be a fascinating and enriching experience when approached with the infinite human potential that inner growth brings you to see every time you contemplate one of the many truths you’re searching for as you go about your life.

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