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From the IHP podcast's topic on Culture of Spirituality and Science 3D - 4D - 5D various aspects were included that allowed food for thought on how we treat the individual who needs more love, more help, more support.

As a voice that stands up for unconditional love for all of humanity, it is important to share more on this message. It's also important to share this, so that others who are voicing the same know that they are not alone.

"Every heart that is deemed unworthy of love is the exact heart that needs the most love of all." ~ FNM

So here goes...

The person who gets boxed up into the "evil" category instead of the "very, very emotionally hurt ego who needs the most love and understanding, and working with, to potentially have a chance to bring them to a state of love with themselves that they didn't have growing up" is what the world needs more of within the community of people who talk about 5d, enlightenment, personal development, self-help, empowerment, individual growth, and all those "make a difference in the world" categories.

Every human starts their journey as a child, and those parents were once children as well.

As long as there is solely conditional love verbiage to present the "evil", instead of verbiage the explains and expands on: here's the "evil", here's the why, and here's what our society can do best to resolve the "evil", and here's what we do to keep people safe with our existing systems and structures (the ones that are in place and that are also receiving attention for the need of improvement, to hold equality for all people).

There is no need for humanity to continue being the mob of the medieval times that would chant and celebrate the hanging of someone in the town center square, which is what always comes to mind when any person starts judging some other human being as "evil" or "bad" and any of those words; and that instead, could turn to any of the following human behavior subject matters: psychology, sociology, neuroscience, human physiology, and all the science that exists in this world (at this point in our time), which proves that these "evil" people have hurt egos and/or a wiring/firing that brings about behavior.

The technology is here and adds to the social sciences, showing exactly what and why a person does what they do with tangible proof. Becoming an aggressor with words and actions towards any human being is unnecessary in this day and age, with the knowledge and the science we have. Furthermore, it perpetuates the "evil" the same people who become aggressors are saying they are "fighting" to build a better world.

You don't build a world of love with anger, hate, judgment or condemnation.

You build a world of love with unconditional love and taking action to keep people physically safe while humanity works through generations of hurt and more hurt.

Hurt of different groups of people in different ways and all for reasons of a species that is in continuous evolution, our species, the human species.

Culture of Spirituality and Science 3D - 4D - 5D

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