Inspiring Human Potential – Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 326 – Why Expansion Gets You To Better

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Inspiring Human Potential – Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 326 – Why Expansion Gets You To Better

Exploring why expansion gets you to better; how the inner growth journey, mindset and lifestyle get you to see and pursue your explorations of this in cosmic consciousness; how it is always a choice at your disposal, accessible by you in any and all moments; what changes this brings to your life when faced with life moments and circumstances; how mind and heart flow are a part of the process too; why your higher infinite human potential is always a major player and accessible through your ability to tap into your higher cosmic consciousness; and how the determining factor will always be you, your belief in life and yourself and whether or not you allow your heart to lead the way in flow with unconditional love and neutrality towards self and others, particularly when the unknown elements of life, the void space of tomorrow's unknown, presents itself to your conscious mind.

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Inner Growth Mindset Topic of Day

As you expand aspects of yourself from within (heart and mind) through your inner growth journey, you are able to better all the areas you are focusing on in your day-to-day and overall life.  Even more exciting is that you are always aware of the potential for more from yourself in contemplative and emotional ways.  This is where the expansion is not about better in the sense of improvement, but better in the sense of bringing forth more of you in a way that is flowing from within and matches what is needed in the external to move forward along your chosen path.  As you get to the depths of the areas you are focusing on, you find what more you can do to achieve the best ways to express your thoughts, feelings, and person with others in a way that expands you from the heart and mind in harmony.


Inner Growth Mindset Exploration of the Day

Expansion involves the ability to let your feelings and thoughts come forth in a way that is representative of all of you.  In seeking the best format, you are allowing a balance of the inner world to arise through your own contemplative and choice of feeling efforts.  In working with this body, mind and heart approach you are enabling a new expression of something that perhaps came forth in less expanded versions because of the lack of harmonization.  The lack is merely unawareness of the inner conflict and the focus on the external as the culprit.  Having a relationship with the external that is one of co-existence is what determines the newfound way to better yourself from within, while also respecting the external and the ways that are presented to you by others or life.  This respect means acceptance in a way that leads you to making decisions from a place of transcendence since you are not stopping in front of the acceptance, you are working around it or seeking to work around it with respect of yourself and the external.  This is an ongoing transformation for you and how you find the expansion and better versions of what can come forth.  The love and awe that arise are owned by you and are your own way of adding up the data points of life through your mind, heart, and body. All this gets communicated through your person and what you do in your life, with others, and leave behind.

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