Inspiring Human Potential – Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 268 – You Want To Be Your Own Person, Stop Seeking Approval

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Inspiring Human Potential – Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 268 – You Want To Be Your Own Person, Stop Seeking Approval

Exploring being your own person and seeking approval; how the inner growth journey, mindset and lifestyle get you to see and pursue your explorations of this in cosmic consciousness; how it is always a choice at your disposal, accessible by you in any and all moments; what changes this brings to your life when faced with life moments and circumstances; how mind and heart flow are a part of the process too; why your higher infinite human potential is always a major player and accessible through your ability to tap into your higher cosmic consciousness; and how the determining factor will always be you, your belief in life and yourself and whether or not you allow your heart to lead the way in flow with unconditional love and neutrality towards self and others, particularly when the unknown elements of life, the void space of tomorrow's unknown, presents itself to your conscious mind.

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Inner Growth Mindset Topic of Day

One of the first things you learn to differentiate in your inner growth journey is between using knowledge and the expertise of others to support you in becoming your own person compared to seeking approval to be your own person.  The two create different feelings and as you explore both, you learn to take more and more ownership of the person you are choosing to become from the heart and mind of you in your every-day.  The ego/self is always in search for a concrete manifestation of itself and therefore approval is one of those ways that this is achievable.  However, as you learn to express your uniqueness from the heart, you also learn to accept non-approval as merely an opinion of someone else or something that exists and that you acknowledge, but without taking away from your person.  The self-empowerment that comes from not needing approval, while accepting that it is a part of the human journey is one that you grow to experience exponentially and with unconditional love and neutrality.


Inner Growth Mindset Exploration of the Day

In cosmic consciousness you are able to expand on the deeper layers to the situations where you may seek approval or have an inkling of wanting some form of approval.  Thanks to the love at heart and neutrality at mind, every element of this search comes forth in a way that gives you some foundation of where the need is stemming from in the place of ego/self and reassurance with the life, the external.  As you identify what it is you are seeking outside of you, you are able to reassure the inner world of the ways you’ll go about fulfilling those needs, reassurances, and so on.  In the day-to-day, you move forward with the projects you’ve set forth, as well as the behavior you have decided you are going to express as part of the person you have decided to be in your life.  In the times where you do not receive approval, you allow yourself to further learn how to respect and accept others, while doing the same with being your own person too. It’s a dance of balance and harmony that always involves unconditional love and neutrality towards self, others, the external, life, and all that comes to you in time.

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