Inspiring Human Potential – Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 16 – Appreciating Duality In Neutrality

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Inspiring Human Potential – Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 16 – Appreciating Duality In Neutrality

​​​Exploring appreciating duality in neutrality; what aspects do you experience of two opposing sides thanks to having a neutral place to experience and explore them from; how does inner growth play a role in getting you to do this from a place of higher consciousness (your cosmic consciousness); in what ways do you benefit from being able to appreciate duality in neutrality; and what growth comes to you from within and without (in the external world) as you apply this inner growth mindset component.

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​Inner Growth Mindset Topic​ of Day

​​​​​​​Duality is something everyone experiences and sees through, and when you can appreciate two sides to something in neutrality that experience becomes much bigger, as well as the chance to go beyond duality.  Through an inner growth journey and mindset you get to see the benefits of both duality and neutrality, you raise your consciousness to a place of flexibility and open heart, open mind, to go beyond solely seeing two aspects to something or someone, to your life, and everything that takes place.  This going beyond is what gets you to appreciate duality in neutrality, as well as move forward to a consistently neutral place from where you can conduct your inner exploration that takes place as you look to bring inner harmony from within and to the external world.


​Inner Growth Mindset Exploration​ of the Day

​​​​​​​​​​​​​In duality you get the chance to go in-depth on two sides of something you’re exploring.  Without neutrality these types of explorations can come with quite the weight and extreme feelings because of there being present from a place of consciousness only two aspects.  Thanks to the inclusion of neutrality you get to start venturing off to combining the two sides, softening when experiencing and/or exploring two sides, and create a third all inclusive and/or alternative way of being able to see the two sides (and the situation that may be taking place that has the duality aspects you’re exploring).  This brings inner growth through your raising of consciousness to mind and heart, and the ability to experience duality in neutrality, as well as a move towards more flow from mind and heart in moments of duality thanks to the presence of neutrality.

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