Inspiring Human Potential – Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 352 – Moving Beyond The Fear Feeling Of The Unknown

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Inspiring Human Potential – Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 352 – Moving Beyond The Fear Feeling Of The Unknown

Exploring moving beyond the fear feeling of the unknown; how the inner growth journey, mindset and lifestyle get you to see and pursue your explorations of this in cosmic consciousness; how it is always a choice at your disposal, accessible by you in any and all moments; what changes this brings to your life when faced with life moments and circumstances; how mind and heart flow are a part of the process too; why your higher infinite human potential is always a major player and accessible through your ability to tap into your higher cosmic consciousness; and how the determining factor will always be you, your belief in life and yourself and whether or not you allow your heart to lead the way in flow with unconditional love and neutrality towards self and others, particularly when the unknown elements of life, the void space of tomorrow's unknown, presents itself to your conscious mind.

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Inner Growth Mindset Topic of Day

Through your inner growth journey you get comfortable pursuing an inner exploration of all feelings with unconditional love and neutrality in the forefront.  This enables you to sit with the emotions, process them in your unique timing, as well as work through the thoughts that accompany each, as well as the events.  It is in this ability that you also move beyond the fear feeling of the unknown, alongside the thoughts of the unknown.  As the human you are, your mind, heart, and body are all involved in the emotions you feel and in the moments you experience.  In having awareness of all three and working through that awareness with the feelings of flow thanks to unconditional love and neutrality you acquire a different state of being by choice.  The thoughts are what you expand on by choice as well, but in a very different way than the processing of emotions.


Inner Growth Mindset Exploration of the Day

The habit of paying attention to the inner world of you allows you to expand the contemplative moments of the way you can evaluate the unknown because it will involve your awareness of feelings accompanied by the thoughts in the moment of the feeling.  In this combined (emotional and mental layer) awareness, you also have focus on the body and apply a feeling of flow in recalling that you are in a contemplative moment and not in danger (nothing to be afraid of or upset about).  This very practice brings you to move beyond the fear feeling of the unknown in a way that allows familiarity to build too.  So you get used to having inner contemplative moments regarding the fear feeling and the unknown with your person (mind, heart, body in flow together and in a sense of security and comfort provided by you).


Inner Growth Mindset Exercise of the Day

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