Inspiring Human Potential Inner Growth Program Intermediate

The keys to inner growth and following your heart

The inner growth journey, mindset and lifestyle approach provides empowered individuals pursuing personal development with key elements to access your infinite higher human potential, achieve your heart's desires, and lead from within with flow in life.


  • Self-empowerment  
  • Transformational leadership
  • Perform, be at your best, mind and heart in all that you do
  • Overcome struggles (such as dealing with the unknown)
  • Find inner harmony
  • Have the quality of life you desire
  • Succeed in life in your unique way
  • Find and lead with your life purpose

We learned from one of our IHP Inner Growth Inspirational "Be Yourself" Stories

How you find strength and trust in yourself when you are able to be self-empowered in a way that allows you to be you; particularly in situations that are challenging.  Like for Fabiana, when the team she managed turned against her, creating an unproductive work environment. Thanks to her having respect towards herself and others, alongside leading life with her purpose in the forefront; she turned things around and resolved the issue.  Not only did she continue to succeed as a team manager in that store (for many years to come), but she also continues to do the same in the new store where she is a team manager. Her leadership skills carry on in her life as a mother of two young boys, a wife, a friend, as someone who is whole and pursues struggles in a way that allows her to continuously grow from within, to find her unique harmony, and always have in the forefront appreciation and gratitude for life, for being alive, with the desire to share smiles and love all around.

Fabiana / Store Manager & Mother

The IHP Inner Growth Program (course info and curriculum)

  • The IHP Inner Growth Program gives you the keys to inspire your highest potential by transforming insecurities, struggles, and fears into opportunities that allow you to unlock and express your inner self fully and freely. 
  • It does this by enabling you to make a shift in mindset, from one that sees conflicts or contrasts to one that sees opportunity for growth and learning (inner growth).
  • In the IHP Inner Growth Program you will explore three key components to making this shift in mindset from your core (from the heart).  Get ready to learn how to:

  • These three things are key to maintaining a constant inner growth mindset so that you can be and feel at your best no matter what surprises and unexpected (unknown) events life brings your way.
  • When inner growth becomes your natural way of thinking and feeling, the world around you changes completely because everything becomes an opportunity to learn, expand, and embrace as part of a transformation that benefits you and your life.
  • Since the inner growth journey varies from person to person in readiness for this type of shift, the three keys are set up so that you can take them individually at the pace you feel most comfortable with.  
  • Each key and sub-key (main module and sub-module) has a lesson video and then an exercise video that you can do right after the lesson.  
  • This allows you to put into action what we discuss in the lesson video immediately and the exercises are ones you can then continue on your own throughout the day even in the absence of the video.
  • The Different Levels: Beginners, Intermediate (Interm), Advanced
  • There are three different levels of the IHP Inner Growth Program, so you can choose the best one for you depending on where you’re at in your inner growth journey.  A breakdown of the three levels are:
  • 3 Main Modules (on IHP for FREE) and 6x3 Sub Modules (I will update when available on Udemy)
  • 1)          Dealing with Uncertainty (Overcome uncertainty, deal with the unknown)
    • The Essence of Life
    • Unexpected Events
    • Making Decisions
    • Relationships & Expectations
    • Your Mindset’s Unique Power
    • What Do You Believe & Why
  • 2)          Finding Your Place From Within (Become fully aware of yourself)
    • Does Your Heart Lead The Way?
    • The Challenge With Consistency
    • The Power Of Your Intentions
    • The Power Of Your Mind In Life
    • Talking About Finding Balance
    • Self-Awareness at 360-degrees
  • 3)          Going With The Flow (Embrace going with the flow and following your intuition)
    • The Process & Transformation
    • Exploring What Makes You Tick
    • The Importance Of Focus
    • The Pursuit Of Inner Peace
    • Finding Your Way & Compass
    • Pursuing Inner Growth For You

The IHP Inner Growth Program is Ideal For:

The IHP Inner Growth Program is ideal for everyone who is on a personal development, conscious living, mindfulness, and/or enlightenment journey; people who are seeking to adapt an inner growth mindset that enables them to transform all challenges to opportunities, to be all they can be, in their own unique way, and triumph from the heart and the mind in flow.

The IHP Inner Growth Program - Intermediate - Free Main Modules

IHP IGP Intermediate Price

on Udemy discount might apply


on Udemy discount might apply

  • IHP IGP Online Course Free Main Modules (on this page) - 3 Lessons & 3 Exercise Videos
  • IHP IGP Intermediate Online Course on Udemy - 18 Lessons and 18 Exercises 
  • IHP IGP Online Course Workbook Journal PDFs - 3 with main modules & 18 on Udemy published course
  • 1 Free Q&A Personal Session (via email or Skype)
  • IHP Telegram Community
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